What are Sports Injury Claims?

While sports are some of the most enjoyable and healthy pastimes that one can undertake, they also tend to come with an increased risk of personal injury. While some injuries obtained during particular sports are to be expected, in a lot of cases the injuries could, and should, have been prevented by the person operating or overseeing the activity.

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  • If you have been injured in a sporting environment then our specialist solicitors have the experience required to help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • There are a number of situations where injuries sustained during sports may be grounds for a successful personal injury claim, including but not limited to, equipment malfunction, unsafe training regimes and negligent supervision or management of the activity itself.
  • Accidents Direct have been helping the victims of sports injuries claim compensation for over a decade, so if you have been injured during a sporting activity call us today to get your claim underway.

Claiming for Sports Injuries

In order to make a successful compensation claim for a sports injury, it is important to be able to provide evidence of the type and extent of the injury itself. Fortunately, the best way to obtain this evidence is by seeking medical treatment for the injury, which is usually the first thing we do after sustaining an injury anyway.

In the case of injuries caused by human error it is helpful to obtain the details of witnesses to the accident; if on the other hand the injury was caused by equipment then the offending item itself is usually the best evidence, along with details (or even proof) of when and where it was purchased. Irrespective of the type of injury or how it happened, our experts are available to talk to you about your accident and assist you in claiming compensation you may be entitled to.