When you use a product for its intended purpose, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you expect to be safe from harm or injury. The law reflects this expectation, so if you have been injured by a product then you may be eligible to claim compensation.

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  • Here at Accidents Direct we have helped thousands of people claim compensation for injuries caused by a huge range of products, from children’s toys to power tools.
  • The minimum amount of compensation for pain and suffering is £1000 but this will increase depending on the severity of your injuries. We at Accidents Direct aim to ensure that all of our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation that they are entitled to.
  • You should also see your doctor so that there is medical evidence of your injury, even if you think it is not that serious. Even if your injury develops over a period of time you may still be able to claim. Your medical evidence is ultimately what your compensation is based upon, so it’s important you keep these records up to date.

Claiming for Faulty Goods

In order to make a claim for compensation for an injury caused by faulty goods, there are a few basic requirements that need to be met; you need to be able to prove that you have been injured, and that it was the product that caused the injury. It is also helpful to keep any proof of purchase if available.

In addition to getting compensation for your injures and cover any losses you have incurred, making a faulty product claim also has the added benefit of creating an incentive for the manufacturer to improve the quality of their products and make them safer for consumers.

While in most cases the defect in the product is an isolated case, in some cases the design itself is faulty thus posing a risk of injury to all users. In the past personal injury claims have prompted product recalls, preventing future injuries that may otherwise have occurred.

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