In addition to helping with claims for personal injury, Accidents Direct also works with solicitors who specialise in dealing with financial losses caused by the incompetence of members of various professions. If you have relied on a professional in any way, and they have failed to offer their service to the standard that should reasonably be expected of a competent member of that profession and this has caused you a financial loss, then our solicitors can help you recover your losses as compensation.

Our solicitors can help you claim for negligence by a member of any profession, but below are listed the professions that they most commonly deal with.

When instructing a solicitor we understand that you require a highly skilled professional to help you with any case you may have. If you are unfortunate enough to receive bad legal advice or experience poor service from an inadequate solicitor, you may have the right to seek compensation. At Accidents Direct we are not afraid to help people pursue a claim against a negligent solicitor, and we aim to secure for you the maximum amount of compensation.

Builders and Surveyors Negligence

Despite the numerous qualifications obtained and the excellent standards builders and surveyors set themselves, mistakes can happen. Should you be on the receiving end of such negligence Accidents Directs’ dedicated and experienced team will assist you and provide you with unrivalled in advice in bringing a successful claim.

Tax Consultant Negligence

When placing your financials in the hands of a professional tax consultant you have complete faith in and reliance on their abilities. Tax consultants follow a strict code which demands they provide their clients with top quality service surrounding tax issues by following industry defined practices to the highest standard. Unfortunately, due to the complicated nature of their work, clients can often be confused or misled, costing them money and in some cases their livelihoods.

Conveyancing and Property Negligence

Conveyancing is the term for all the legal and administrative measurements involved in selling and buying property. If you have been the victim of poor or negligent advice (professional negligence) received from your conveyancer or solicitor whilst undergoing a property transaction this can result in significant financial misfortune; fortunately our solicitors are experts in this field of law, and can assist you in recovering your losses.

Wills and Probate Negligence

Drafting a will can be a very emotional for all those concerned; you want to protect loved ones and provide support when you are no longer around, so it is imperative that the process is completed without error. Unfortunately, the drafting of wills and the administration of estates are areas where mistakes and negligence do happen. If you feel you have been misled, actively lied to or are not happy with the conduct of a professional, then you may be entitled to make a claim.